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February 20, 2012 — 29 Comments

O how I love your law, it is my meditation all the day. – Psalm 119:97

I recently wrote an article here about the value of memorizing Scripture, called Great Tool or Old School. I hope in the days to come to flesh out the Christo-centric nature of the discipline in a bit more detail, but you’ll have to keep checking back for that one. Since I also did my dissertation on topics relating to the spiritual discipline of memorizing Scripture, its relation to Christian anthropology, and its effectiveness in discipleship, I thought I’d send out a few resources for you. I think I’m aware of practically everything that is available to build your ability in this area, but you may have a link for me that I don’t list. If so, comment away, I’d love to know about it!



  • – A spectacular online memory tool
  • Fighter Verses – Memory verse system for children and parents through Desiring God
  • Impress Kids – Online memory tool that is a companion to your ongoing church discipleship, uses the verses you are already promoting as memory verses for the week or month
  • Memlok - Bible memory software

Organizations or Other Resources:

Yep, that’s pretty much it.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in His Law, he meditates both day and night. -Psalm 1:2

  • Hurrah4books

    I’d just like to flag up the following resource. I noticed that you referred to Mr Woychuk’s material. Christian Focus Publications have recently republished one of his books for high school students:

    • Andy Johnson

      Thanks for that! I haven’t seen that book before.

  • anonymous not .org

    • Andy Johnson

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • Ray Fowler

    Hi Andy, great list! I also have a passion for Bible Memory and have developed an interactive ebook that has been helpful to many people in this area. Here is a link, and I would be glad to send you a free copy if you’re interested.

    • Andy Johnson

      Thanks Ray, I look forward to looking at that. I’d love for you to send me a copy! Just shoot it over to andy @ Thanks so much!

  • Amanda

    Down here in Australia the best scripture memory resource we have for kids (and secretly adults) is a musician called Colin Buchanan.

    He has set many verses to song – very catchy song – and has written many other songs also.

    His two albums full of memory verse songs are – Baa Baa Doo Baa Baa and Boom Chicka Boom.

    His songs are so addictive many of us have trouble reading the different bible passage his songs are based on without them playing in the back of our heads.

  • Andy Johnson

    That looks great.

  • Dave Burt

    Nice roundup of scripture memory tools. I hope your readers find it helpful.

    The one I use myself is a generic spaced-repetition flashcard system (like the one is based on) called Anki, which I also use for remembering things other than scripture, too (Greek vocab and things I have learned in college and from books). In order to memorize longer passages without worrying about verse numbers etc., I wrote myself a tool to generate cards for it with a 4-line prompt and 2-line answer. The idea of overlapping answers for memorizing series is borrowed from Supermemo’s author’s research (

    • Christine Dattilo

      Dave – Hope you see this!

      I too love Anki and have used it to memorize Philippians, James and now Romans – as well as many Psalms, and other single verses or long passages. I’m thrilled to see another scripture memorizer using Anki. I have it on my iPhone and reference it everyday (obviously – otherwise I’d be hopelessly behind).

      I tried to use your link, which downloads a CSV file of the verses, but it’s blank. I open it in Excel and get a blank sheet. Am I doing something wrong.

      I’ve created thousands of my own cards, one at a time – having a script would be AMAZING.

      Also the link you have to Anki is incorrect for those who want to give it a try: – for general information and instructions – for a web based version

      • Andy Johnson

        Thanks for the corrections Christine. I too wondered about the broken links.

      • Dave Burt

        I’m excited to hear of someone else using Anki effectively to learn big chunks of Scripture. I’m half way through Philippians and enjoy learning Psalms, too. I’d be interested to hear how you structure your cards.

        Thanks for correcting my link to Anki, I should have checked it.

        Regarding my CSV-producing tool, I made it for myself, so it’s not well-documented. You need to enter a minimum of 3 lines, but it’s only useful with significantly more. I copy and paste in scripture and press ‘enter’ to break it into lines with single clauses or phrases, aiming for 5-10 words per line. If the output or process doesn’t quite suit your method, I’d be glad to tweak it to make it easier for you.

  • Daniel

    I just started using the system in “An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture” in January and I’ve found it very helpful in memorizing verses and the corresponding references. It’s meant for longer passages, though, and not for individual verses.

  • Christine Dattilo

    Thanks again for this great resource. It is bookmarked!!

    I have a couple of other good resources to add (in addition to Anki – see other comment).

    This is a neat “drop a word” memorizing site. Just type or copy and paste your verse in, then it will drop words for you, with rollover hints. It’s NOT Flash – so it can be copied to a document if you use for Sunday School or want to print out. Read his FAQ and he explains ways to load up bulk verses and save your verses to your computer, and use without online access.

    Here is another Anki/Memverse type system to help you keep what you’ve memorized fresh. It’s a little simpler and more user friendly (but less robust) than Anki.

    Lastly – Versecard Maker. Terrific way to put in a bunch of verse references (don’t need to type in the text – big help) and it will output in a nicely formatted PDF in small Flash Card size to carry with you. Take it to the next step and laminate them. Well worth it if you end up reviewing them for years. (ESV only)

  • Ruth

    Scripture song recordings for Galatians and Philippians:

    Psalm 119 in song:

  • Peter

    Thank you very much for this helpful list of resources for Scripture memorization! A lot of Christians are very grateful for tools that help them to get into this basic spiritual discipline. My memorizing app “Remember Me” got installed on more than 300.000 Android devices. It is now also available for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry Playbook.
    Here is the link:

  • Nace Lanier

    The ”

    An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture by Dr. Andy Davis” is a dead link. Thanks for the resources.

    • Andy Johnson

      Thanks Nace, I think I’ve got it fixed now.

  • Aaron House

    Hey Andy, my name is Aaron House. You have a lot of great stuff listed here. I would be very interested to talk with you over the phone sometime. I am the founder of a ministry called Piercing Word. Our mission is to ignite passion for the Word of God in the heart of the church. And we do that through scripture performance. Basically, we take scripture straight from the ESV Bible, divide it up into lines, and put it on stage. We perform in any church, conference, school, or prison we can possibly get into. And we are based in Lancaster, PA. We also specifically encourage others to memorize scripture and sometimes lead workshops on scripture memorization as well. In fact, I am currently attempting to memorize the entire New Testament in 2013. So, all that to say, let’s talk. Our website is and you can reach me by phone at 281-723-0595. Thanks!

    In Christ,
    Aaron House

    • Andy Johnson

      Hi Aaron, what you are doing is awesome! I’d love to connect at some point and I will also feature your ministry on the blog soon. Keep up the good work. I have to say that my little attempt to memorize I John right now pales in comparison to your attempts this year. Praying for you!

      *In the Spirit,

      Dr. Andy Johnson*
      *II Peter 3:18*

  • Andy Johnson

    Does this link work Brian?
    *In the Spirit,

    Dr. Andy Johnson*
    *II Peter 3:18*

  • Mickey Waite

    His Word in my Heart

    is a great book, Janet Pope is an inspiration to us all. The best book on scripture memorization I have read to date. We gave out copies to every family in our Bible memory group, everyone I know who has read it, has enjoyed it.


    • Andy Johnson

      Thanks Mickey, a great book indeed!

      In the Spirit,

      Dr. Andy Johnson

  • “Commander Bill” Gunter

    Here’s a website to help you memeory Scripture… Verse Minder

    • Andy Johnson

      Thanks Bill!

      In the Spirit,

      Dr. Andy Johnson